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To take some relaxation time, especially on the private beach, is rather expensive but great pleasure, available only to really rich and successful people. If you have a villa on the seashore and stylish pleasure-boat, so you’re very lucky guy because you’re able not only invite the girls to bask in the sun, lying on the hot sand topless and showing their camel toes, but also they will open up for your eager cock while boating in your company, enjoying the sun and breeze and hot free hentai videos
Nick still had no his own yacht and house on the seashore but his best friend placed his own ones at Nick’s disposal and for Alice’s pleasure. The last Nick’s movie was a hit, and he decided to celebrate the occasion in a big way, moving to the sea to relax and have fun with his top liner, the sexy hottie Alice, who was delighted from this sweet offer.


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As she felt herself like a boiled rag, so she would like to reach the beach as soon as possible to stretch on the sand and place her tired body under the scorching sun beams.When she saw the sea, this blue water space, spreading wide before her eyes and shining with all hues of blue, her heart started singing a merry song, beating strongly and getting ready to jump out of her breast.As Alice had never seen a sea, so this amazingly beautiful water world was attracting her, inviting to plunge into its depths and merge there, enjoying the coolness and kindness of the tender waves. She looks hentai porn videos thanks to and She was ready to settle out there for term of life - to buy a small house and boat to be plashing in this briny water and basking in the sun non-stop.
Blabbing about nothing, Nick and Alice reached the house and placed there all of their stuff, thinking over the plan of the holidays. First of all, they wanted to celebrate Nick’s success, and Nick took out the bottle of French fizz, very expensive and cold.While Alice was enjoying the dizzy coolness of the beverage in her glass, sipping it so as if she tasted it for the first time and teasing Nick by her naked shoulders and lovely nude belly, the producer feasted his eyes on his best actress, foretasting several fiery day full of sun and sex.As Alice felt herself playful and jolly, drunk with this sunny day, blue sea and fizz, so she didn’t want to fuck with Nick, craving for saving this mood in her mind for a long time.


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However, Nick looked so excited, and Alice decided to suck him dry as soon as possible (all the more that she was a real ace of blow job and could satisfy any cock within several minutes) and then was back in the contemplation of this beautiful sea to enjoy the oncoming sunset. She dropped on the knees, pulled Nick’s pants down and set free his dick, already swollen and ready to attack any hole on its
Squeezing Nick’s cock and handling it all over, Alice had touched its red helmet by her wet tongue and started tickling the foreskin delicately, tasting and slurping the spicy pre-cum. Nick was moaning, while her tongue was tickling the tip and her lips was fluttering over it, kissing and making it rock hard.
Alice closed her eyes, imagining herself on the yacht but keeping Nick’s dick in her mouth and tonguing it passionately. Her horny producer was shivery with bliss, and his throbbing cock was trying to reach Alice’s stomach.One more strong squeeze, one more sloppy kiss, and Nick shot the sticky sperm jet straight at Alice’s face. Well done, thought Alice, and the sweet couple got ready to knock the pad.
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